Cloud Computing

disaster recovery

Robust, industry standard disaster recovery solutions. A choice of services such as high availability, fail over & snap shot. On-site or cloud based facilities to enable a company to get off it’s knees quickly.

Disaster Recovery & Business

Hosted Exchange is a service which provides the end user with the ability to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server at a fraction of the cost of owning and licensing the same setup. HOSTED EXCHANGE BENEFITS

Hosted Exchange
Cloud Computing
online backups

Online backups allow end users to schedule and select files or data sources that are securely backed up to resilient servers in the cloud. ONLINE BACKUP BENEFITS Highly compressed data which will save you

Online Backups

Cloud computing helps small businesses streamline their operations meaning they can focus on staying competitive

Why would my business use cloud?


In most cases the answer to this is cost and flexibility. Traditionally due to poor internet connections, a business would host email, files and all computer functions on a server at the business premises. These functions can now be bought in and used over the internet on a ‘Pay As You Go” basis.

How does the Cloud save my business money?


The immediate saving is the capital expenditure of new server hardware and software, as this cost is already factored into the cloud price. Other benefits include savings on company electricity bills because the energy costs are also included in the service.

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